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Plastic Kitchen  Cutlery Tray Insert 800mm Cabinet MJ-800-11

Name£ºPlastic Kitchen Cutlery Tray Insert 800mm Cabinet MJ-800-11


Category£ºCultery Tray Series

Company£ºDongguan Meijoin Plastic Products Co.,Ltd


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Product Detail

            Plastic Kitchen Cutlery Tray Insert 

 This tray is  perfect for organizing flatware and gadgets. It has separate compartments for knives,forks,spoons and extra kitchen  utensils.
1. Made of ABS material , the plastic cutlery tray is safe and healthy. It’s non-toxic and odorless.
2. The hard texture make the product difficult to break and durable.
3. Our product has strong resistance to acid-base, oil,and various solvents. It is not easy be dyed.
4. With a bright and smooth surface, the product can be easily cleaned with any cleaning agent  available in the market.
5. Featuring low thermal conductivity, our product can be still held comfortably when filled with hot items.
cutlery traycutlery tray
Cutlery Tray
Item No. MJ-800-11
Color Grey, White
Max Size 755x505x60mm
Mix Size 670x430x60mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Material  ABS
Application Apply to the cupboard,  cabinet drawer for organizing cutlery, conform to  the Europe standard
Lead time 15-20 days


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