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MJ100-03 Adjustahle Kitchen Leg

Name£ºMJ100-03 Adjustahle Kitchen Leg


Category£ºAdjustable Leg Series

Company£ºDongguan Meijoin Plastic Products Co.,Ltd


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Product Detail

Plastic Kitchen Adjustable Leg Screw on Base

Adjustable Height Plastic Cabinet / Cupboard Leg /foot for Kitchen/Bath room. It is for uplift cabinets/cupboards where they are in a humid environment room like kitchen, bathroom,  to prevent ground water corrosion cabinet's wood.

It is made from Good quality plastic, it WON'T to damp, rust or corrosion like iron feet or wooden feet.
plastic adjustable leg

Item No. Size   Color Material    
MJ100-03-08 80-105mm Black  /  White PP / ABS
MJ100-03-10 100-130mm Black  /  White PP / ABS
MJ100-03-12 120-150mm Black  /  White PP / ABS
MJ100-03-15 150-180mm Black  /  White PP / ABS


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