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 1.One-Stop Purchacing Services:
We supply more than 5 series including 100+ different furniture hardware fittings, such as adjustable leg, kitchen plinth skirting, cutlery tray ,cabinet fittings ,office accessories and etc, make sure you can find satisfied products about furniture hardware fittings.

2.Quality Control Services:
We have a complete quality checking system, including the detection on the raw material, production process, finished product and even packing. For each item, we have special quality inspector to responsible for the quality.

3.ERP Order Management Services:
We adopt professional ERP order management system to immediately follow up the schedule of order and feedback to our customers. Real-time following up on the order efficiently guarantee the lead time.

 4. OEM/ODM Services: 
We welcome your OEM/ODM for logo on products.

5.Before-sales Services & After-sales Services:

(1)Before-sales Service: 
1. Meijoin advocates consultative marketing, namely, assigning professional sales and technical personnel to visit customers for product presentation and real product demonstration, so that customers can really understand the functions and performance of a product, and its suitability with customer demands.
(2) After-sales Service:
1.Meijoin products have passed strict quality testing procedure, which ensures that the product quality and stability of performance meet our design requirements.

2. In the installation process, please install products correctly according to product assembly drawings, or consult our sales and technical personnel. For quality problems caused by any reason other than man-made operation errors, we provide product repair or replacement after confirmation.


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